The Hazards of The Waste Management Industry

Thanks to the people who work in the waste management industry; we find homes and workplaces in clean conditions. They are the unseen architects to every beautiful looking environment that we see. This beauty that is attained comes with a huge price which a good number of persons might not be ready to pay.

The truth is every job has its hazards, but if the hazard involves exposing one’s body to certain organic chemicals, then that hazard has moved up a notch. This is the case of the professionals who work with waste management companies.

Picture of people working in waste industriesWith the recent upsurge in the number of their colleagues who now suffer from illnesses resulting to exposure to toxins, professionals in the dumpster rental business have rallied together to speak with one voice on how to improve their lot. This came after their last quarterly meeting at their Long Island Office Secretariat with the theme: “Managing hazardous working conditions.”

Same day dumpster rental in Long Island NY and dumpster rental Queens were well represented at the meeting. Their representative did not mince words in talking about how disgusted they are by being constantly exposed to hazardous conditions.

In the words of the representative, “On a daily basis we find ourselves exposed to different kinds of risks. With each dumpster that we pick up, we get exposed to another kind of waste”.

One other professional lent his voice, saying, “We serve all kinds of industries and individuals. Imagine the kind of waste materials which we come in contact with for every minute of our typical working day. From the decayed food in the dumpster of a hotel to some unhealthy body part cut off through surgery in the dumpster of a hospital“.

A picture of junk removal gear for hospital workersAccording to the professionals, there are lots of issues which cannot be fully exhausted in one whole day which they have to cope with on a daily basis. This is the reason why the theme was chosen for their quarterly meeting. An awareness needs to be created on what they face on a daily basis in order for people to appreciate what contribution their profession makes to the general well-being of the nation.

“The gears we wear are not enough”, said one dumpster rental Queens company’s professional. “Take the hand gloves, for instance, they are not entirely foolproof to every chemical as may be led to believe by some people. Given some time, some chemicals penetrate through the gloves. The rate at which the chemical penetrates depends on its strength.”
One other thing which they talked about during the quarterly meeting was the recent increase of their members who have recently suffered or are suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity. Being that they carry all kinds of waste materials, there is no type of waste which they do not come in contact with.

For those who are sensitive to these kinds of chemicals used in perfumes and other products, they find themselves feeling dizzy and suffering from various symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivity. This has caused a good number of them to skip work for a day or two just to feel better.

This time which is taken off by those who feel ill at one point or another has another telling effect on the professionals – work overload. Whenever one of them calls in sick, the onus falls on those at work to double their workload in order to cover for the absent person. This has brought more burden on the already burdened professionals.

Picture of man dumping garbageThe issue of working in hazardous circumstances was thoroughly dealt with in this quarterly meeting held by the professionals.

The main aim of creating this awareness is for their clients to understand why the price which they charge for offering their services should not be considered to be on the high side. Most people believe that it is just the case of picking up the dumpster and taking it to the final waste disposal.

As simple as this looks, there is the health aspect to consider. It does not just end with providing clients with a dumpster, it matters a lot the kind of materials that are being disposed on a regular basis because it has a telling effect on the waste disposal management professionals who come in contact with it.

While working on ways to reduce the risks they expose themselves to on a daily basis as they go about discharging their duties, they hope to be appreciated more by people who make use of their services at the price which they charge.…

Bathroom Remodeling and the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Issue

Every home deserves a lift and one of the best ways to strike the right chord is to remodel the bathroom. Interestingly, the need to create awareness about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has led a Bathroom Remodeling Long Island Company to hold a seminar addressing the subject. In their presentation, they talked about bathroom chemical agents that are known to affect Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. They believe that people can take precautionary measures even as they look to remodel their homes. One of the key speakers at the event shared a very touching experience that drove home the message to all participants.

The man shared how the CEO’s son is affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. He took everyone on a walk down memory lane and a few cautionary moves which everyone needs to make. In all, he said that the recovery process may not be as fast as they anticipated but it serves as a reminder on what the company must do to safeguard their customers. With the masterstroke of a good story teller, he noticed that the audience was becoming moody so he shared other uplifting details. He talked about the new remodeling designs that they are currently using to give bathrooms a lift. In his words – “we have seen more individuals appreciate the need to remodel their bathrooms and increase the value of their home in recent years.’’

He talked about the company’s passion to keep giving their customers the options of unique designs that come with same day quotes. According to him, he said that they recently landed a huge contract to remodel an estate which the owners wanted to put in the market. The major focus of the job was to make the bathrooms look classy and up to par with today’s realities. The funds that were pushed into actualizing the project was quite huge but the company decided to use part of the profit to sensitize their customers about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Woman cleaning the bathroom after remodelAt the end of his speech, it was obvious to everyone that the man had a good hold of the subject. There was room for interaction and a few questions were taken by the company. One of the take home points from the event is that they are committed to uphold the safety of anyone that they serve. Also, they assured everyone that they are committed to keep carrying out research that will help people to live better lives. Most of the individuals who took interest in learning about the subject in great details were advised to visit a blog post which was done by the company.

The nature of the events which this bathroom remodeling company is holding will go a long way in driving home the message about MCS. Many customers have written to thank them for bringing them to the knowledge about a subject which they knew little about. The company has earmarked an intensive drive that will see them use various media to keep sensitizing their customers. The goal of their business is not just to remodel bathrooms but to ensure that everyone experiences a safe environment in real terms.…

How to Manage Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

As a result of the work home inspectors do, they are aware of what Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) means. This syndrome that is attributed to chemicals that are commonly used on a large scale, as well as low-level ones, is also referred to as Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI). It, however, remains a medical condition that is disputed since it is not recognized by the World Health Organization or even the American Medical Association as an illness caused by organic chemicals.

A picture during a chemical inspectionIn the course of discharging their duties, home inspectors are typically exposed to foreign chemicals within the environment where they work. It may be an exposure to paint fumes, scented products, or pesticides recently used in a home that they inspect. These are unavoidable since a homeowner, for instance, may paint a home to increase its value before selling it.

One of our extremely renowned Long Island home inspector professionals went on the record recently stating “we have never seen a more prevalent case of the general public using unnecessary chemicals until now. The truth is most people do not even realize how much of their household cleaning supplies and other chemical agents are doing much more harm than good.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is therefore believed to result from the systemic damage done by toxins. How the exposure of the body to toxic causes this illness is still not understood perfectly. While some people report it after being exposed to chemicals on a large scale, others notice it after being exposed frequently to chemicals on a low level. This has made some people believe that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has something to do with a person’s genetics.

Picture of ChemicalsAccording to Mr. John Allen, a Home Inspector practicing in Long Island, the use of certain chemicals cannot be avoided. A chemical like Formaldehyde is present in almost every modern building because of its usefulness in insulating cavity walls, plywood, paints, and many other things.

He said that anyone who is sensitive to a chemical like Formaldehyde will experience symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity once the person is exposed to it. The symptoms may be flushing or stinging of the eyes and throat.

Mr. Allen advised, “If you cannot entirely eradicate these chemicals from your environment, there are tips and tricks which you can apply that I learned from my direct experience of working as a Home Inspector.”

He added, “Advanced Home Inspections – Long Island home inspection is among the best in the nation which explains how I got to understand how to handle situations like this.”

Woman with chemical maskThe first thing is total avoidance if you know in advance that a house has been painted recently, or fumigated with pesticide. After a period when the smell must have subsided, you can now go about your home inspection.
You could also use the trick of proper ventilation. This means that all the windows and doors in the home to be inspected will be left wide open so that clean air will circulate more freely. Never fail to make use of an opportunity to have fresh air in the rooms while inspecting them.

For home inspectors who work in a company, it will be sensible to tactfully explain to your employer the problem you have with being exposed to the smell of certain chemicals.

According to Mr. Allen, if properly handled, a home inspector can still perform a job satisfactorily if this nugget of wisdom is applied when faced with such situations.




Causes Associated With MCS And Its Treatments:-

Though this chronic health condition is only restricted to certain people, so the causes related to this illness are still under confusion. It is very difficult to guess the actual causes of this illness. But according to a research report, there are various reasons which are strongly influencing the symptoms of MCS.

Certain chemical exposures which raise a platform for the MCS are tobacco smoke, wood smoke, fresh ink, chlorine present in drinking water, the  smell of new furniture and new carpeting items, salon products, vehicle exhaust, perfume, pesticides, and various cleaning agents. These daily activities are some of the main reasons which enhance the effect of MCS on human body.

Basically, there is no specific treatment for this illness. Here the problem is with the person only, whose immunity power is unable; to resist the effects of daily used chemicals. Doctors recommend a mental peace along with a good control of anxiety to improve the health conditions of patients. Sometimes the doctors provide anti-depressants to help the patients to gain a good mental strength.…

What Is MCS And What Are Its Regular Symptoms?

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is nowadays a common illness/disease which is seen among a lot of people. According to a statistic report, 3 out of 10 people are suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity. This is considered as a chronic medical condition, after any kind of exposure to commonly used low-level chemicals. Doctors don’t consider this multiple chemical sensitivity as an illness.

According to them, it is something related to allergies. Different people have their own point of view regarding this illness. It is not that dangerous as cancer, but still, it is capable of hampering different organs of the human body. Multiple chemical sensitivity is mainly detected through its symptoms. There is not any kind of special symptoms for this chronic medical condition.

The symptoms are very casual as that of a fever. So, it is very difficult to guess where its fever or MCS. Some doctors named it as Idiopathic environmental intolerances as some sensitivity happens due to the unhealthy environmental effects. Commonly used chemicals in the surrounding include paint fumes, petroleum products, smoke, synthetic fabrics, plastics, pesticides, and some scented products.

Basically, these low level chemicals are highly used in our surroundings through various day to day activities. Not everybody is affected from these chemicals; there are certain people whose immune system doesn’t resist the sensitivity nature of the chemicals. And only such people are affected by these commonly used chemicals.

Some of the important symptoms of this MCS includes regularly tired feelings, concentration and memory related problems, dry eyes, dry mouth, vertigo, joint pains, diarrhoea, vomiting, indigestion, nausea, sleep disturbances, anxiety issues, short temper attitude with lot of irritations, visual disturbances, seizures, tendonitis, neurological problems, headaches, skin irritation, chest pains, sore throats, and other respiratory issues. All these symptoms seem to be normal symptoms but they may lead to multiple chemical sensitivity.…