As the owner of the Sacramento Electrician Pros, I have faced many challenges which I have surmounted. However, my battle with MCS over the last few years has been one of the most critical fights of my life. I noticed that I was exposed to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity when I took on a project that required me to wire an abandoned estate. The job gave me a huge break in my career but it turned out to be an undermining factor that has stopped me in my track of gaining greater dominance in the trade. In order to paint the right picture about my story, I need to give a rich perspective of how my journey as a Sacramento electrician began.

Owner of the Sacramento Electrician Pros When I turned 16 years, it was obvious that I had to fend for myself and look for ways to better my lot. My Dad was barely able to feed and clothe our large family so I quickly had to learn a trade. My sojourn into the electrical trade happened by chance. I had gone to visit a friend whose father was an electrician. He took interest in me and asked me if I will like to learn about the trade. I answered in the affirmative and he started teaching me how to set up a successful electrical business. Many years later, despite the challenges I have faced, I am grateful that I took that decision. I was able to build my own home, get married and raise my family based on my trade as an electrician.

Anyone who is familiar about the rudiments of what it takes to be a successful electrician in Sacramento knows that it goes beyond knowing the job. It requires lots of sacrifice and human relationships. I was fortunate to have both graces working in my advantage. However, the major turn for my life was when I discovered I had MCS. I was unable to handle jobs as I used to and I had to rely on my assistants to get the job done. In all fairness, I thought this challenge will be for a few seasons but it has continued for many years. I no longer go out and have fun with my Kids as I used to.

Also, this challenge has led me to discover there are certain places I can no longer visit. Despite the very grim reality, I have discovered that this situation has been unable to cloud my soul with doom and gloom. I go about with a cheery look and speak positive words to anyone who comes into my world. I spend more time telling young electricians what they need to do in order to be the best in this field. I have been able to set up an active social media platform where I mentor as many people who show interest to become electricians.

When the story of my life is compiled, I believe that my experience with MCS will be pivotal as the turning point that helped me positively touch lives. I am grateful for the people who I have helped to move to greater things in life through my dynamic mentoring and support system.

One Electricians Story, Battle and Journey