Many experts have spoken about chemical sensitivity and there has been lots of commitment in various circles to address the issue. It is important to mention that this subject is not something that is entirely new for those who are abreast with the happenings in the real estate market. We will like to point out what the effects of chemical sensitivity have been to various players in this unique industry. Before we move on with the subject, we must state that it is not every issue relating to chemical sensitivity that is induced by man. There are certain situations that are a direct result of the workings of nature.

Price of Properties: Recently, an Arlington property management source said “The direct and indirect effects of chemical sensitivity have led to a rise or drop in the amount that people pay for a given property”. Many proponents that have huge interest in the industry have tried to create laws that will protect the buyers and the sellers alike. However, it must be stated that not much progress has been made due to the uniqueness of each location. There are places where the laws have been seen to strangulate the flow of business so they have been relaxed over time. One commonality across the board is that chemical sensitivity has affected the pricing of properties in the real estate market.

Number of practitioners: Due to the health risks and other related factors, chemical sensitivity can lead to a drop or rise in the number of practitioners in the industry. People have talked about the individuals whose careers have been cut short due to chemical sensitivity. There are businesses that have lost their place due to this single factor. This means that the rise or fall of the real estate players have been impacted by this single issue. As much as proper checks and balance can be put in place to protect the players in the industry, people must be aware that the effects of chemical sensitivity are far-reaching.

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Laws: Many States have enacted laws to guide and protect real estate players based on the effect of chemical sensitivity. A recent law made by a certain State generated so much controversy which led to various lawsuits and counter suits. People are beginning to tread softly on this subject because they do not want to suffer any backlash on their political careers. The major point that we want to deduce is that laws have been put in place to drive the real estate sector despite the issue of chemical sensitivity.

Programs: Many real estate companies have devoted a decent amount to fund programs that talk about chemical sensitivity. The effect of this on the industry is multi-pronged. People are now aware about the things they need to do in order to stay safe. Also, many companies now operate a unique package that protects their staff in case the unexpected occurs. It is important to mention that the issue of chemical sensitivity may soon be nipped in the bud based on the current drive by big companies such as Douglas Elliman and other big real estate players.

Chemical Sensitivity and How it Affects Those in the Real Estate Market