As a result of the work home inspectors do, they are aware of what Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) means. This syndrome that is attributed to chemicals that are commonly used on a large scale, as well as low-level ones, is also referred to as Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI). It, however, remains a medical condition that is disputed since it is not recognized by the World Health Organization or even the American Medical Association as an illness caused by organic chemicals.

A picture during a chemical inspectionIn the course of discharging their duties, home inspectors are typically exposed to foreign chemicals within the environment where they work. It may be an exposure to paint fumes, scented products, or pesticides recently used in a home that they inspect. These are unavoidable since a homeowner, for instance, may paint a home to increase its value before selling it.

One of our extremely renowned Long Island home inspector professionals went on the record recently stating “we have never seen a more prevalent case of the general public using unnecessary chemicals until now. The truth is most people do not even realize how much of their household cleaning supplies and other chemical agents are doing much more harm than good.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is therefore believed to result from the systemic damage done by toxins. How the exposure of the body to toxic causes this illness is still not understood perfectly. While some people report it after being exposed to chemicals on a large scale, others notice it after being exposed frequently to chemicals on a low level. This has made some people believe that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has something to do with a person’s genetics.

Picture of ChemicalsAccording to Mr. John Allen, a Home Inspector practicing in Long Island, the use of certain chemicals cannot be avoided. A chemical like Formaldehyde is present in almost every modern building because of its usefulness in insulating cavity walls, plywood, paints, and many other things.

He said that anyone who is sensitive to a chemical like Formaldehyde will experience symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity once the person is exposed to it. The symptoms may be flushing or stinging of the eyes and throat.

Mr. Allen advised, “If you cannot entirely eradicate these chemicals from your environment, there are tips and tricks which you can apply that I learned from my direct experience of working as a Home Inspector.”

He added, “Advanced Home Inspections – Long Island home inspection is among the best in the nation which explains how I got to understand how to handle situations like this.”

Woman with chemical maskThe first thing is total avoidance if you know in advance that a house has been painted recently, or fumigated with pesticide. After a period when the smell must have subsided, you can now go about your home inspection.
You could also use the trick of proper ventilation. This means that all the windows and doors in the home to be inspected will be left wide open so that clean air will circulate more freely. Never fail to make use of an opportunity to have fresh air in the rooms while inspecting them.

For home inspectors who work in a company, it will be sensible to tactfully explain to your employer the problem you have with being exposed to the smell of certain chemicals.

According to Mr. Allen, if properly handled, a home inspector can still perform a job satisfactorily if this nugget of wisdom is applied when faced with such situations.




How to Manage Multiple Chemical Sensitivity