A Local support group that works with those who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity have stepped up their game. They recently carried out a study to find out if MCS is in anyway linked with Criminal behavior. When they shared their goal with some individuals, they quickly waved it off. However, this group said that they are not criminals but are poised to see if there is any correlation. They based their argument on the fact that someone mentioned that there might be a link. They did not want to give room for assumptions, so they set out to make this study an essential part of their operations for the year. A staff of a top el paso bail bonds company who is also a member of the group was highly interested to discover the outcome.

Picture of the Star in El PasoThis group which meets in El Paso, TX once a week decided to increase their meetings to twice a week. This was to expedite their study and help them quickly achieve their goals. The first thing that they discovered was that there was a slight link between MCS and criminal behavior. Someone may argue that it is vague, but this is a link. It was discovered that people who are disillusioned about life or their health are prone to throw caution to the wind. This can make them get into crime or any behavior that may not suit the norm in the society. A further inquiry showed that people with MCS suffer emotionally and this can make them prone to take some very drastic decisions.

The MCS group in El Paso, Texas found out that there was a notorious killer that suffered from MCS. They discovered that other issues were at the root of his behavior, but MCS played a faint role. Their study showed that the man lost his Mom when he was very young. The father did not give him the attention that he deserves, so he turned to crime and violence. His rise in the underworld gave him some feeling of relevance, but this did not last for long. He discovered that he was suffering from MCS and instead of becoming sober, he became more violent. It took the long arm of the law to apprehend him and bring him to justice. There is nothing that could directly link MCS to his behavior, but it was given as a distant reason.

A Picture of the Words Multiple Chemical SensitivityAnother point is that the number of people who suffer from MCS is on the rise. However, they are not able to get the type of support that they need. Most of them turn to any individual who can make it happen for them. Some have been fortunate to get help from places like this local support group, but some have not. This has led them to participate in behavior that does not speak well about their values. In fact, in a particular incidence, the men said that he was tired of life and would do whatever it takes to get rid of himself. One of the things that he felt could quickly help him to achieve his goal was a crime.

The beauty of the study was that it contributed to establishing the link between MCS and crime as very distant. It was discovered that those who took to crime had other underlying issues. Many people found out that the names of those who suffered from MCS and took to crime were very few. As far as the law enforcement agents were concerned, the correlation was not so high. The study took this group about three months to fully dissect. When they came to the end of the project, they decided to publish their findings on various platforms.

A top leader in the Bail Bonds business decided to share those findings at bailbondsbros.com. He was surprised when they began to get feedback from various people. They never knew that it was answering the questions that have been at the heart of many. The bail bond company decided to organize a seminar to address the issue. They asked for the support of the local group for MCS sufferers. They believed that this would help to calm the fears of those who have friends and loved ones that suffer from MCS.

Local Texas Group Discusses MCS and Criminal Behavior