When I look back on the days that I began my career in the fence contracting niche, I understand that I have come a long way in achieving success. I was born into a home where we barely had enough to eat. I managed to go to school because I knew that it was my ticket to the good life. My early days saw me working in various organizations before I finally got employed by a leading fence company. I can’t fully explain how this happened, but my sojourn into this industry marked the break I needed for my career. I fell deeply in love with fence designing, installing and after-sales support service. My superiors realized my passion and allowed me to try my hands on different aspects of the business.

Brian MaloneyThe confidence that I gained made me realize that I could do well if you start a business of my own. I started the Charlotte fence contractors, and it was quite challenging in the early days. I could barely take care of the overhead expenses of the business neither could I employ people to join me in my company. I had to rely on hiring staff based on the project at hand. The big break came for my business when I was awarded the contract of fencing a major oil refinery in my State. This turned around my fortune and allowed me to take my business to new heights. At the end of the project, I was able to employ over 20 Staff, and things could not have been better.

It was two years after this event that I realized that I had Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It did not dawn on me that I had any challenge, but I was faced with difficulties whenever we go for fence installations. I managed to go through the pain and discomfort, but I did not know it was an issue that needed real medical attention. I decided to discover the root of the challenge, and it was traced back to the time when I was involved with the fencing of the oil refinery. This was a mixed fortune for my life and business. It gave me a break that I need, but it forced my health to go downhill. I knew that I had to look deep into my soul to find a reason to keep going.

fence222I am glad to state that I got the right support from my faith-based community, my staff and members of my family. My company kept growing due to the dedication of my team until it became the leading company in the region. At a point, I knew that I could not push my body anymore, so I handed over the fence business to the most Senior Executive. It was quite emotional, but I have understood that real success is watching others replicate what you can make happen in an organization. My battle with MCS forced me to research online to discover the ways to manage the situation. My discoveries led me to start an organization that sensitized people about the ways in which they can live above MCS.

I have no regrets about my life because my fence company remains an integral part of my life’s journey. I do consult and advise the team on the ways to keep moving the business to new levels. I still see them as part of my world, and this has made me keep reaching for the stars. I believe that my little energy input into the fence organization does not diminish the fact that I am continually playing my role to help the brand grow. I gave a talk in the State meeting of those who suffered from MCS, and most of them recognized me as the fence business building magnate. It was a moment that I cannot trade for any other experience in the world.

As I keep looking to the new opportunities in the future, I wish to state that I am a victor. I have won the war against depression, anxiety, fear and other issues of the mind. I have proven that MCS is not the end of the world. It has opened my life to the possibility of showing others how they can stay active even in the most challenging life situation.

A Guest Post From The Owner of a Charlotte, NC Fencing Company